Performance Reviews – Reflecting on the Unexpected

A good friend of mine just went through a performance review that was unexpected and disempowering.  The whole conversation was totally one-sided and the feedback was a total surprise for her.  Performance reviews should only demarcate ongoing feedback on the job. […]


The Way of Employing People – More than HR (Part I)

Since my early teens, I have been interested in the study of people and what Chinese call 用人之道. Literally, this translates as the “Way to Use People” – however in Chinese it does not carry the negative connotation of manipulation. […]


Intergenerational Asynchronous Dialogue in Music

Today I’d like to share two songs that I love for both their musicality and story. Both songs illustrate how technology enables a type of asynchronous dialogue between generations. I think what really moves me is that in the exchange, […]


Hermeneutics – the Interpretation of Texts and Also Our Life (Part I)

One of the things that I had the opportunity to explore in my doctorate studies has been Hermeneutics.  Hermeneutics is the study of interpreting texts, traditionally texts like the Bible. However the more I consider the principles, the more I […]


Reflections on Stone Carving and Organizational Change (I am not the knife)

It’s been about 6 months since I’ve started stamp carving with Master KC Chan.  This artistic practice has led to some interesting insight along the way and has changed my perspectives around transformation. Something I noticed as I was carving […]


Living in 3 Tenses (Past, Present, Future)

“We humans live in 3 tenses; in the past, present, and future. Some of us more in the past, some in the present, some in the future…The present moment is seldom purely present….Every present moment participates in the immediate past […]


正坐 (Seiza) – The Optimal Position for Learning

In Japanese martial arts, there is a kneeling-sitting position where one is 100% vulnerable but ironically also 100% defensible. It is a position that is assumed in kendo, iaido, akido and the tea ceremony. The seiza position was adopted during the […]


Transitioning to Blended Learning (3 Reflections/Questions)

Created a vlog in response to webinar by Dr. Joel Hartman from University of Central Florida. 3 Questions I have in response: 1) How does the interaction between the student and institution/organization change with online or blended learning? 2) What are we […]


Confluence of Business, Government and Education in Higher Ed

  Created a vlog in response to some of the reading in the first week of #CFHE12 on some of the change pressures to higher education including: Trends, Disruptive Forces, Opportunities. One of the keys that I see is a […]


My Second MOOC Experience (Shaping Forces of Higher Education)

Thanksgiving in Canada marked the beginning of my second Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) experience. The first was MOOCMOOC (#MOOCMOOC) organized by Hybrid Pedagogy. The one I am currently participating in is entitled The Current/Future State of Higher Education (#CHFE12) […]